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Dear ladies, say good-bye to menstrual pain with our magnetically charged sanitary napkins!


  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory- these napkins take charge of your personal hygiene.
  • Balance hormones.
  • Kills 99.9 % of bacteria.
  • Increases metabolism and reduces pain, menstrual cramps and odor.
  • They absorb the liquids easily, permits air flow and are organic, chemical free, healthy eco /environmentally friendly and are safe to use.


Regular.  245mm. 10 pieces/ healthy sanitary pads.

Healing Blue Lotus Magnetic Energy - Sanitary Napkins!

  • Beloved, do not let your monthly cycle wear you down. Menses should never be painful or frustrating. However, with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, women are facing problems during their cycle.

    Backaches, cramps, joint pain, mood swings, irritability, feeling tired, lack of energy, depression, disorientation, acne and in some cases fibroids and even cancer.


    But what if there's a sanitary napkin that is pure and works in harmony with your body? An organic, chemical free sanitary napkin that works to heal, made with ions? One that will make your cycle pain free and smooth?


    Ladies, please say goodbye to dangerous sanitary napkins sold on the market, and say hello to a new beginning with Healing Blue Lotus Magnetic Energy - Sanitary Napkins!


    So pure so good.


    Healing Blue Lotus Sanitary Napkins for women that seek to keep HAPPY, ACTIVE and HEALTHY. Finally, a sanitary napkin that is good & healthy for you and eco-friendly for our earth!


    Healing Blue Lotus Magnetic Energy - Sanitary Napkins are ultra-soft, super absorbent and anti-bacterial These sanitary napkins regulate the cycle and give freedom from the monthly trial.


    Healing Blue Lotus Magnetic Energy - Sanitary Napkins.


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